Our Story

Netonix® designs, manufacturers, and distributes equipment for the WISP industry worldwide.

Netonix® develops high-performance networking equipment specificly designed for the WISP industry.

Our equipment focuses on being highly rugged, advanced and easily deployable to appeal to a fast growing global WISP industry.

Founded in January of 2014 by Chris Sisler (a.k.a. sirhc) the founder of RF Armor®.

Shortly thereafter David Olive and Eric Stern joined Netonix® becoming co-owners.

Our mission is to try and manufacturer and assemble products as much as possible in North America because we feel that too many companies off shore their production.  We believe in the quality and value of products produced here providing good paying jobs to strengthen our economy.  Another practice of large corporations is leaving their money off shore to avoid paying their fair share in taxes leaving the average American to foot the burden.

We will try and produce equipment here at a good value, so many people always complain about cheap foreign labor and the loss of good paying jobs but all to often all they care about in the end is what is cheapest, where do you stand?

Our facility is located:
154 Earland Drive
Building 5C
New Holland, PA 17557

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