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14 Ports including 2 SFP+ ports

Powers airFIBER / Mimosa / SAF

600 watt POE Budget

External Temperature/Humidity sensor to monitor box environment.

External door open/close contact connection to monitor box door state.

External programmable AC/DC relay to control external power devices such as box fans.

Now with Over Current Protection on all POE ports to protect switch from shorted cables, incorrect POE option applied to device.

- Optional rack mount kit sold separately

- OCP will not save a 24V device when 48V applied but will prevent damage to the switch from the resulting shorted device.  Also OCP will not protect against transient ground current or AC ground loops from insuffient or poor grounding.

Designed to hook directly to battery bank not a power supply.
NOTE: Always use an inline fuse or breaker.

If you have a 48V-54V power supply you should use the WS-26-DC unit.

600 Watt SMART DC power supply accepts 9V to 72V DC variable input while providing uninterrupted 24V and 48V POE
- 600 Watt POE budget when input voltage above 21V
- 500 Watt POE budget when input voltage above 19V
- 450 Watt POE budget when input voltage above 16V
- 380 Watt POE budget when input voltage above 14V
- 300 Watt POE budget when input voltage above 11V
- 250 Watt POE budget when input voltage below 11V

WARNING: This switch is not designed to operate on negative 48V site, using -48V DC will damage the switch as it does not have isolated input output power.

Managed Passive POE Switch
600 Watt Smart DC Power Supply
(12) 10/100/1000 POE Copper Ports
(2) 100/1000/10000 SFP+ Ports 


The Netonix® WISP Switch™ model WS3-14-600-DC is designed specifically for the WISP industry with a rugged chassis and extended operating temperature range. It features a simple yet powerful user interface providing the software features WISPs need in a switch.

Highest density of PASSIVE POE ports per cubic inch on the market for those small equipment boxes.
The only switch line on the market that can deliver 1.5A of 24V or 48V on all 4 pairs (24VH and 48VH).
The only switch line on the market that has current sensors on all passive POE ports.

Configureable voltage / current

  24V PoE Ports   
Pins 4,5 (+)
Pins 7,8 (-)

  48V PoE Ports  
Pins 4,5 (+)
Pins 7,8 (-)

  24VH PoE Ports  
Pins 1,2,4,5 (+)
Pins 3,6,7,8 (-)

  48VH PoE Ports  
Pins 1,2,4,5 (+)
Pins 3,6,7,8 (-)

Ports 01-12 Ports 01-12 Ports 01-02 Ports 01-08

  • Manufactured and Assembled in North America
  • Standard Desktop / Wall mount
  • Optional 19” rack mount kit
  • Dimensions 332mm x 266 mm x 44 mm
  • Operating temperature -25 to 55°C (-13 to 131° F)
  • Serial console port
  • Passive PoE current sensors on each port

Software Features 

• LAG – Port aggregation LACP/Static
• Port mirroring
• VLAN dot1Q/QinQ/Port Trunking 
• SNMP - complete statistical reporting 
• SMTP alerts - configurable 
• Bandwidth limiting per port 
• Ping watchdog per port 
• Scheduled port bouncing 
• Cable Diagnostics
• Loop Protection
• DHCP Snooping
• IGMP Snooping
• Flow Control
• Storm Control
• Multicast Filtering
• Port Isolation
• Auto TFTP Backup on Config Change
• UDP - Ubiquiti Discovery Protocol
• CDP - Cisco Discovery Protocol
• Security - access control list and login tarpit

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